Our strength as an organization comes from the leadership team that has been
actively engaged in construction and operations in the oil and gas industry for more
than 70 years combined.


  Our mission is to provide the highest-caliber, most-reliable personnel in the inspection
industry so you can be assured of a job well done. Because we have extensive
knowledge and expertise in Inspection and Project Management Services, our clients
lean on us as a partner to support them throughout a project. This relationship results in
enhanced outcomes and significant savings. Resdin clients can trust that we are as
interested in a successful outcome as they are.


  Because our leadership have all worked in the field, we understand what our field personnel are faced on the job day-to-day. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen. Our personnel can rely on us to stay actively involved with projects for support and guidance when needed. That means our clients can rely on Resdin to deliver performance every time out.