Our Services

Resdin Industries delivers a wide range of services to our valued clients.

  • Inspection, construction supervision, and quality assurance for all oil field-related construction projects including:
  • Small inch pipelines
  • Big inch pipelines
  • Road construction
  • Lease construction
  • Well site facilities
  • Gas plants and related facilities
  • Compressor stations
  • Oil batteries and related facilities

All inspectors are knowledgeable and fully qualified in construction techniques, regulations, and code requirements throughout North America. In addition to construction supervision, inspection and quality assurance, each inspector is qualified to:

  • Coordinate with landowners, regulatory authorities, and environmental and safety agencies
  • Provide project management, cost control, and reporting
  • Liaise with client operations, head office, third-party engineering companies, and all outside agencies
  • Contract operating services supplying qualified personnel to operate oil and gas facilities throughout North America.
  • Pipeline integrity services, including consultation, program development, commissioning/ decommissioning procedures, logging tool evaluation and selection, site selection, logging, tool tracking services, log evaluation, pipeline calibration and evaluation digs, excavation services, and procedural programs for remediation.
  • Construction services and support equipment for pipeline and facility construction, pipeline integrity operations, and other oil field-related activities.
  • Project management and execution of oil and gas pipeline and facility construction projects through consulting engineering affiliations.